Dear Viewers, water & food vital for survival, essential for life. During the month of Muharram, Al-Khair Foundation is requesting our compassionate donors to support our Water for All campaign. Al-Khair Foundation’s water projects support hundreds of thousands of people across Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East. Your donations towards Al-Khair Foundation’s water projects will count as Sadaqah Jariyah, so make the most of this blessed month and help us strive to provide Water for All. ASIA: Hand Pump £150 (Pakistan, Bangladesh) * Tube Well £250 Bangladesh * Deep Tube Well £600 Bangladesh * Water Well £850 Pakistan * Water Well £1,175 Pakistan (KPK) / Northern areas * Solar Water Well £1,000 Afghanistan * Water Filtration Plant £12,000 (Per share £1,200) * Solar Pump £300 * Integrated Solar Water Station Project £7,000 * Solar Water Well £1,800 (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar & Indonesia) * AFRICA: Kenya, Somaliland - Deep Borehole £1,000 per share * Water Roller Drum £35 * Shallow Water Well £2,500 * Ceramic Filter for Water purification £35 * Kenya, Somaliland - Water Tank (1000 litres capacity) £125 * Water Truck IDP Camp (Somaliland) per share £25 * MIDDLE EAST: Water Desalination Plant (GAZA) £1,500 per share, Full plant £1,50,000 * Segregated Communal Hygiene Facilities £1,000 per share * Water Tank (1000 litres capacity) £125 * Leave a legacy of Sadaqah Jariyah and help us strive to provide Water for All * Please donate generously by calling our DONATION HOTLINE NO +44(0)3000 999 786 * May ALLAH (SWT) accept your donation (Ameen) * Please visit www.alkhair.org * watch us live on www.iqra.tv * Keep watching Iqra TV *


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“A man came to the Prophet (PBUH) and said: ‘Which fasting is better after the month of Ramadan?’ He said: ‘The month of Allah which is called Muharram.’” (Ibn Majah)