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Over 10 years ago Imam Qasim Rashid Ahmad launched IQRA TV & IQRA Bangla to revolutionise the way Muslims watch TV in the UK. The launch of IslamTV on the SKY platform will provide our viewers with the very best TV experience, offering an informative programme based to viewers of all ages. From educational content for children as well as programmes which address contemporary issues for Muslims & Non-Muslims at home and abroad. IslamTV is uniquely well positioned to succeed in today’s environment. We’ve remained flexible in our approach, but steadfast in achieving our goals of eradicating the misconceptions and falsehoods which have been attributed to Islam. The quality of our original journalism continues to champion important causes, leading the way in countering islamophobia and advancing education and pushing the boundaries for non-Muslim audiences engagement, to achieve genuine inter-faith harmony.

In order to realise the full growth potential in these territories over the longer term, we used insights and designs from across the demographics to transform the viewing experience for our viewers across each of our existing platforms. Combined with the launch of the new TV channel, and a new interactive website, these significant initiatives will enable us to push ahead with our next phase of growth in this market. We know viewers want the best experience whenever they interact with IslamTV and we aim to give them global awareness of the growing issues of Islamophobia and terrorism, with our unifying message of tolerance and cohesion at the forefront of everything we do. Our contribution to the cultural, economic and social life of the communities in which we live and work has never been greater. We continue to grow as a network that plays its part in making a difference and bringing about change in the issues that both we and our viewers care about.

Great content sets us apart

We invest to deliver the best and broadest range of programmes across the portfolio of Channels and services, we provide to viewers, offering something for everyone in the household.

Our viewer focuses

We are a viewer-centric organisation, focused on meeting the needs of all our viewers in every market. We are able to meet their needs through the strength of our trusted brand, ensuring that we offer a true understanding and promotion of Islam

Growth opportunities

We are committed to acting responsibly in all that we do. We are focused with IslamTV on making a positive impact on the wider society. We call this seeing the Bigger Picture. We’re at the heart of the lives of millions of people, which is why we use our voice to drive change on the issues that matter to our viewers and the world we live in. We aim to be an inspirational channel and use our strengths to inspire young generation to achieve the best.

We’re at the heart of the lives of millions of people, which is why we use our voice to drive change on the issues that matter to our viewers and the world we live in.