Our Journey


Assalaamu Alaykum! Dear Viewer's, YOUR SACRIFICE IS THEIR EID. Please support the largest Qurbani delivery project on behalf of Muslims in the UK. Take part in our daily Qurbani appeals to benefit over 3 million people worldwide. Help us to deliver even more this year. We request you to go for the best option, rather than the cheapest one. After all, it is all about sacrifice. Please also donate towards cooked and ready to eat meals for it to reach out to the people in urgent need. May ALLAH (SWT) accept your donation and Qurbani (Ameen) *visit www.alkhair.org * watch us live on www.iqra.tv * Keep watching Iqra TV *
We strive to promote dialogue and remove the barriers to progress, such as discrimination, which Muslims face. Safer communities mean stronger communities, for generations to come.

Our journey

Since our launch in 2009 we’ve grown from being the UK’s first community TV service to Europe’s most popular direct-to-viewer Muslim TV channel, serving more than 1 million viewers on the Sky TV platform.

Here are some of our milestones:

2018 - IslamTV

2016 – Online Livestreaming

2014 - IQRA Bangla

2009 – IQRA TV