Dear Viewers, Libya and Morocco’s rescue challenges: Nearly 3 thousand killed in the earthquake in the Atlas Mountains. Marrakesh was mostly spared but its remote villages bearing the brunt with an estimated 50 thousand are still homeless. Nearly two weeks on, locals like in the village of Awfour often still making it on their own * LIBYA’S: Flood disaster, which killed thousands in the city of Derna, also displaced more than 43,059 people. Search teams have combed streets, wrecked buildings and even the sea to look for bodies in a coastal Libyan city where floods have killed at least 11,300 people adding however that thousands in Derna were "homeless and without food" * The Mediterranean city of Derna has struggled to get help after the collapse of two dams unleashed a massive flash flood * Our Al-Khair Foundation team is responding to this emergency to rescue survivors, assisting the affected families, and providing vital aid as the death toll is expected to rise. PLEASE DONATE GENEROUSLY. By calling our donation hotline on +44(0) 3000 999 786 or visit * May ALLAH (SWT) accept your donation (Ameen) * Email us: [email protected] * watch us live on ** Keep watching ISLAM TV * *
Assalamu Alaikum W W. Dear Viewers, We would like to thank all our viewers, donors, and well-wishers for donating generously in our Qurbani appeals and projects * May Allah SWT accept your qurbani and reward you abundantly, Ameen ** Al-Khair Foundation is turning your donations into direct delivery in some of the most deprived areas * Our Intl teams around the world are working tirelessly to improve the living conditions of countless communities who are living in an unimaginable hardship * To know more about Al Khair Foundation please visit or call our donation hotline on +(0)3000 999 786 * Keep watching Iqra TV **